Here’s a say about any country in the world that is, ‘The youth is the future of the country’ and it is true undoubtedly.

But if the youth of any particular state of any particular country has no future…….

Then what ?…

The say is true also for any particular state.

If the above scenario becomes the reality of any certain state, then certainly that state has no future. Am I right ??…. Hopefully Yes.

Today I am discussing such kind of state that really has this scenario. I’m talking about a north Indian state, Punjab.

Not all the youngsters,..but most of them are picturing the same condition as described above. We can say that they have just started to change the future of the state. This distinctive youth only stuck up to one thing. One exam,… I should say. That exam is for testing the English language level of any person. The name of the exam is IELTS(International English Language Testing System). This exam is necessary to clear if you want to study in any other country.

But…the problem that has been created is the students do this exam not to study, but to get the Permanent Residency of another country. The popular countries are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England and some other. The USA is less popular in the queue.

Let’s see what a particular student do to reach this goal!……

At first, he finishes his secondary education in the school with impressive marks. After this step, he takes admission in any IELTS center and clears it with a good number. (6.0 or above out of 9.0). Then he applies for the offer letter of any college or university of that certain country which he chose. Next, he applies his file through any agent or study visa expert to the selected college or university. Here his show off work starts……. He pretends to the college that he really wants to study in their college, but in reality, this isn’t the case. That’s different…….He only wants to get the Permanent Residency of the country. And for that purpose, he can do anything !

In the study package, he has to appear in college for 2 days or 4 days per week (depending on the selected course) and has the work permit of 20 hours per week normally…..But the youngster does work more than studies because he only wants money……He does work for more hours than allowed.

Now here the questions arise,





What are the answers to these questions ??…..

When the student chooses his course in the college, where his sense gone?

Don’t he think about his dreams or interests ??..

Probably No. At least not this state’s student.

The whole world says that everyone has his own dreams and aims. But what would you say about this kind of youth, who only want to become the Servants of foreign people and just want to earn and get the PR of that country?…

This is not the story of one student or youngster, there are millions in the state who have already done this, who are doing, and the upcoming ones will do the same. Even the 10th standard school students have already planned their future like this.

Then, who will stay in the country?

In India?…

The newcomers just want to settle in other countries with their families and bring their next generations in the western culture. According to a newspaper article, if it happens continuously, then the population of the whole state will be declined to less than half of current by the year 2030.

We know that everyone has a talent and has the ability to do something. But the students aren’t understanding this. Instead, they are completely ignoring their talents and just want to live this kind of life… The Scullery Life.

Now the question is, Why they are doing so?

I will discuss this question in my next blog and try to find out the answer.

If you have any question, suggestion or objection from this post, then kindly write in comments…

Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned for the next story.

B. M.


10 thoughts on “WHERE ARE THE DREAMS ? (I)

  1. Really thought provoking stuff here. I employ 5 young people from your country and they are wonderful people. I can attest that they have hopes and dreams to raise families, own their own house, study, see their children grown and happy just as we do. They want to live peacefully and choose their own path. We have helped one to start his own business, another to bring his elderly parents to our country. I am from a small town and I know It is hard to see the youth leave. Thank you for your very interesting perspective on the subject ☺️


    1. Thank you soooo much for the nomination….
      I’d love to write…

      Last time Anushka nominated me for the same and I enjoyed it very much…
      And this time You…
      You r so sweet…

      Liked by 1 person

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