WHERE ARE THE DREAMS ? (V) (The + sides)

Every single thing in this world has its own positive and negative sides. The same is true for IELTS. However, I realized this a couple of days ago when my sister argued regarding my exam criticizing blogs and sweetly explained that how society is positively impacting as well. So, I decided to write her perspective towards the exam under the title ‘The positive sides’.

Many of you may know that there are a lot of castes, religions, and communities in India. Specifically, In Punjab, rich people would establish their relations with the same community’s and caste’s people in past times. A decade ago, when the IELTS exam got popular in the state, the wealthy ones whose kids couldn’t clear out the exam started to connect with poor families whose kids have cleared the exam and the inequality is somehow eradicating due to this exam. Even this is the story of my own sisters. They are married in wealthy families. So IELTS is bridging the gap between the rich and a poor. As a result of this change, poor people’s financial condition is getting better and they are standardizing their lifestyle.

The country is also the world’s second most densely populated country in the world. But since the prominence of IELTS, many areas of the region are getting empty, particularly of Punjab. Many people are migrating in foreign countries permanently. So we can say that the test is contributing to decline the population of the country to some extent.

After analyzing from every angle, I discovered these positive impacts of the test on the province’s people. I hope the inequality in the territory will completely root out along with the population in the future.

IELTS is a good choice if you are worried about your family’s financial condition and you’re facing a lot of problems in India. IELTS is for those people who want an easy life and a lot of money without doing much in life. If you want to do something big in life, then this test is not for you.

Thank you!

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