WHERE ARE THE DREAMS ? (V) (The + sides)

Every single thing in this world has its own positive and negative sides. The same is true for our THEME TEST, ‘Ielts’.
In my previous blogs, i only showed the negative aspect of this IDP test. Yes i criticized a lot. Thus, some people argued me about this. So that’s why i admitted that i must also consider the bright side of this exam. And i found it…

So what is the bright side of IELTS ?

If IELTS is a curse for some students of this state, it is also a Lifeline for some.


In the previous blog, it is obvious that the spouses are bonding between a rich and a poor family. So the exam is bridging the gap between them. 

  Also the dwellers are still believing in racialism. But IELTS is wrapping it up slowly slowly.

  Another positive side is, ‘The exam is improving the financial condition of poor people.’ 

And one more is that, the state is getting empty and a big issue, POPULATION is decreasing somehow in India. And countries like Canada and Australia are getting populated and more developed.

So these are the positive sides of IELTS test.

Overall we can say that IELTS is a good choice if you think about your family’s financial condition and the problems you facing in India. But not if you consider yourself a Sincere Citizen of India. So it depends on you, in which category do you fall.

* Closed *

In my next blog, i will share my personal life experience here. And i’ll tell you that what i’m finna do. Which way will i choose ?

I’ll tell everything.

Stay Tuned for the next series.

Thank you so much for your support.


Thank you !


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