Thank you

How many of us got puffed up with pressure while speaking in the public ?..

Probably, so many…… I’m also the part of that group.

Yesterday, When I was giving my speaking test, I was just trembling and too much nervous with a pressurised brain. I’m hardly able to speak even a one line correctly. And the teacher was continuously correcting my flow of mistakes. Somwhow I managed to give answers and the test is over within 10 minutes.

But from this test, I learnt a lot of things. I realized a lot about myself.

I want to rap in english but I’m unable to speak even a single line correctly. I want to give live performances but my body vibrates due to pressure in a small test. So how would I do that ? How could I achieve that goals ?

I REALIZED AFTER THAT TEST THAT,…. ..’It’s time to make it through.’

I have to make it through. I have to speak enough English. I have to learn to make rhyming. I have to sing hip hop. I HAVE TO CHANGE…

Just because of that test, I realized some very important points about myself. So I want to thank you Ielts. Just because of it, I learnt a lotta things from that small test of 10 minutes.

So thank you so much IDP, BC. At least Ielts has realized me some important factors of my life, which I have to better. For example :- My brother often says me that my full body wobbles when I’m in public places or driving the bike or even when I signature on some sort of authority papers in any office or institution, my hands tremble. But I didn’t eared him ever.

But today, when I was filling some sort of receipt in the bank, I just figured out that my hands are really shivering. Though no one watching me there, being in the bank. But the pressure of being in the public just overwhelming me.

What really is actually happening with me ? Can anybody tell here ?….

May be I’ll find any solution…

The 10 minutes of that test was really really useful for me. But the fact is that… (to be continued)…………….(A hole in Ielts)…..

Stay tuned for upcoming story !

Thank you !

And Of course for Idp and Bc..



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  1. 21stworld says:

    Well it’s true that.. We learn something even from the things we hate most..

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