The Plane is ready to Take off ! [CHAPTER 5]

Kb (Kambrine) :- Baby..

Abona :- Yes Sweetie..

Kb :- When will you come here ?..😞

Abona :- Baby….

Kb :- Miffie..Rytt ??..!!

Abona :- Yes……😞..

Kb :- Won’t you leave him for me 😐 ??..

Abona :- I can…… But……No I can’t….

Kb :- Come on Sweetheart!!…. You will be still connected to him WITH HEART being here….

Abona :- What do you mean ??…

Kb :- It ain’t necessary that you must be in India to love India. If you move to any other country, then nobody could break your relation with Miffie. Because, it is the bond of LOVE…….

And it can’t be broken up. It would always remains as strong as it is now…….. No matter you’re in another country. No matter you have been moved up……It’s all about LOVE……..

You love me right ?..!!..We’re miles away from each other but still closer to each other’s hearts…This is the TRUE LOVE……..

You understand ??…

Abona :- So If I leave Miffie, then would I still connected to him ??…

Kb :- Of Course Abona……. Of Course………….Believe me….

Abona :- I should come to you then….😀..

Kb :- Really ??…Are you ready ?…!!😀😍..

Abona :- Almost..🤗.

Kb :- That’s the good news… 🤗😘

Abona :- For me also… 😊😊

Kb :- Rytt….👍

Kb :- Then Please come Asap…I’m waiting for you so eagerly….😀😆😘😘😘😘

Abona :- .😄 Don’t worry sweetheart.. !I will come now…😊😘😘😘😘😘

Kb :- 😊


Hey Miffie.. !!!!!!!

Do you know I’m going to Canada ??..!!😌.

Of Course you know…😊😊 .

She has told me that our bonding won’t be affected by doing so……So we gotta go….😀😀😄😄…

Pretty Exciting Na ?!!!…🤑..

Of Course…. You also are so Impatient to meet Kb…..Rytt ??…!!..😋

I know I know……

Be Patient Mr.

We’ll meet her soon….😊😄..

That’s damn good.

I can’t believe we’re going…

I’m sooooo happy Miffie..

I’m so happy…

Sing along…🤘🤘🎤🎤🎤

Canada !!…We’re Coming!!

Canada !!…We’re Coming!!

We’re Coming my Sweetheart!! 😘😘😘

Abona is busy in celebrating his joys. But he don’t know that he is being trapped in a hoax. He don’t know what’s gonna happening with him. In full packed excitement, he cleared his Ielts exam and did all the documentation process for the visa. In few days, his visa has come and now he’s ready to take off within few days.

The ticket have been booked. All the things have been set. He’s so happy and excited to meet his love, Kb !

Today……He is going to the New Delhi Airport. All the shopping have been done. There’s hustle and bustle and excitement everywhere in the house. Abona is happiest among all. His Mom, aunt and brother going with him to the Airport. But he forgot to bring Miffie with him which would laid down on his lamp table.

Within few hours, they have reached the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Abona’s mother has tears in the eyes. She cuddled him so tightly and crying. Abona is also emotional so his eyes become slightly wet. He kissed his mum’s head and said, “Don’t worry Mom! I’ll be right back here within few years….. I’ll come soon.”

He left his family with last goodbyes and kisses and with a hope that he will come back soon.

“Call me when you reached my boy..”..His mom finally shouted.

“Okay Mom, don’t worry… I will.. ”

And he entered in the Airport and left his mom with these words.

The Airport was so big and large. Abona somehow managed to find his seat in his Canadian plane. He sat down and sighed “Finally !….finally we’re going.. ”

Hey Miffie Where are you??…

He found him in his pockets, zippers, bags……but he didn’t get him. He started to feel pins and needles all over his body. He seemed so tensed and anxious.

Suddenly, Miffie’s memories overwhelmed his mind within a minute. The time spent with him, the talks, the gossips he used to do with him…………he reminded everything. His mind was flooded with Miffie’s thoughts and his eyes were anxiously wanted to see that three colours of his country’s flag.

“No! no! no! no! no! Stop the plane! Stop the plane! I missed something!………” His soul was crying and screaming those words but his tongue was unable to move outside his teeth. He was choking so badly and then a voice come up from a place unknown to everyone,

“I will never leave you and go to another country until my last breathe.”

Abona heard that words clearly and remind his promise which he did with Miffie. Suddely Abona become so silent and peaceful like he knew that what’s gonna happen with him…………

Flight attendants, Prepare for the journey please.

Crew members, Prepare for the TAKE OFF please.”

He immediately compassed that….

“The Plane is ready to Take off !”

This would probably be the last line entered in his head.

As soon as the plane’s wheels branched off from MIFFIE’S chest, Abona’s soul left off his body……

Every dream has been broken. Every fruit has been fallen off before they were ripen………

Kb is impatiently waiting for Abona’s arrival with his sister. His Mom is waiting for his call that he has reached to Jayzee safely. Miffie laid on the table suddenly started to wither and his colors has been lost somewhere in the air………….

The End !

Hope the story would reach to your inside!

Thank you!


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