Relationships & Breakups (VIRTUALITY)

So, What do you think what is the major reason of break ups ?…

Lack of Understanding, Carelessness, Anger, Egotism, Jealousy, Being too much Possessive, Misunderstandings, Contradiction in thinking, Different point of views, Arguements, and a lot more tiny errors. Right ??…!

So Let’s solve out this complicated species in style of Marshmello.

But wait……..

Stop ✋✋

Wait wait wait..!!!

We forgot something !

An another species !

Might be more harmful than the given list.

Guess what is it ??…!!

Okay, I’ll tell.

I discovered this brand new breed just a couple of days ago and it’s way too serious and can’t be ignored in any way. The name of the species is, in which we live, in which all the world connected to each other. Sharp readers would already got that.

That is………………………


Yes, The Virtuality. It is a compound word of two words, that are Virtual and Reality. But, what does it mean ?

Our surroundings are full of Virtuality nowadays. The Artificial Intelligence (AI), the gadgets, the computers, our mobile phones, the Internet, all falls under the sky of Virtuality. Virtuality of Mobile phones and Computers affects our lives and relations the most. I tried to understand this concept, and I found that, The Virtuality is diluting our relationships (of every kind) on a very higher level.

Our bonds are becoming weaker and weaker. However, the Internet provides us a great ease that we can talk to anyone and anywhere in the world. But somehow, this ease is crippling the bodies of our attachments. Let’s simplify it,to understand how this is happening !

Let’s understand it by the facility of Text messages. Suppose, there’s a boy and a girl, who have a good relationship. They often text each other. Actually, too often. Texts, phone calls, video calls, [VIRTUALITY] these are the ways of their communication. But they do not meet [REALITY] too often with each other. Now see closely what happens in the relationship.

They shared most of the things through the phone calls and chats. One day, the girl realizes that their thinking doesn’t match. Why ?..Because their interests are different. Now notice here, What is the base of her this conclusion ?…..

Obviously, the chats and phone calls. They met a few times, but never spent time with each other. Without being together for even a one day, she concluded that she can’t spend her life with him. She assumed a one more point on the basis of responses of her text messages of boy, that he is too much complicated and she is unable to understand him.

She told him all his conclusions one day. And the boy simply refused all of them. He said, “We haven’t been together, we haven’t spent time with each other. So you can’t say these things.” But the girl has a strong myth that what she thinks, is 100% real. She said that she want a break up. On this, the boy tried as hard as he could to make her understand, to break her myth. He prayed, he supplicated, he appealed. But in the end, he had to give up before her partner’s strong belief. Thus, they break up. Also, they often talk such complicated things on phone, which are almost unexplainable on calls. They misunderstood each other. (Sometimes the boy also in the same fashion, but never been too serious). But the reason of their misunderstandings is same, that is Virtual means of communication. They invested time on each other as well, but in the market of VIRTUALITY. These kind of relationships I discovered as ‘Void relationships’. Because, there’s nothing in them. Even though, they both were in despair and shed tears in Reality, but it doesn’t matter.

Personally, the discussed relationship is mine actually. And moreover, we hadn’t seen each other even once in Reality. Though, she decided to quite it.

I discussed only the one way by which relationships are affected. There are many more ways of this category, through which the lives are troubled.

Every coin has two sides. If Virtuality keeps us in touch with each other, on the other side, it strains our connections.

I’d appreciate very much if you share your thoughts about this in comments. So please give your views !

Thank you for all your support!

Keep in touch for the next posts !

Have a nice day everyone!


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