Relationships & Breakups (WARNINGS!)

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This topic somehow related to lower confidence in relationships originally.

Then what are WARNINGS?.. šŸ™„

Cool down! Cool down! I’ll explain everything. Here it is :

If a boy offers a proposal of relationship to the girl and her answer is something like this :

Dear, I don’t want to hurt you// you will hurt being with me// I might could break your heart down.

These types of answers are WARNINGS!

The reasons behind the Warnings may be :

ā€¢ She is afraid of her parents ’cause they do not allow love to be entered in their child’s heart or their home.

ā€¢ She has had a bad relationship experience before with someone, which ended up bitterly and she hypothesised that that happened because of her.

ā€¢ She isn’t confident enough about relationships.

ā€¢ She’s so scared of relationships.

One or more could be the reasons behind that kind of answers. The answers could be from the boy too for same or slightly different wherefores.

In girl’s case, first two are the main reasons. So let’s talk about them !

So Afraid of Parents : She isn’t free in her own home to do anything so how could she be in the society ? They bridle the girls terrifically so that they couldn’t be in any type of relationship. They want to find by own their girl’s life partner. The arrange marriages are still dominating in my state with 99% estimation. Relationships are HELL for them. (Cheapers). Except India, this is famous in several other countries also. The Girls ought to be free first, to make relationships.

Bad Relationship Experience : I think this shouldn’t be the reason. If first is a bad experience, then the second one won’t be. It could be recovered. Second time is the chance to correct the mistakes. She shouldn’t be afraid to rectify her mistakes. Adding one more important thing, If she believes that She could hurt the other person, then SHE COULD ! No doubt. This is up on us that what we believe, and what we believe, becomes reality.

Okay, now make it more Interesting !

Suppose that somehow the boy convinced her that everything will be fine in them and she shouldn’t be afraid of anything. But still, somewhere in her heart, that doubts, that beliefs, that fears do exist. And we know that whatever is in your heart for each other, certainly affects your bond. The connection is being flagging up slowly, though it is unknown to them. And eventually, the things get way too critical and collapsed. Thus, her believe proved to be right.

Despite all of this, she don’t let herself to think negative and belittle. She ought to restrict the low confidence and other down feelings. Rather to focus on her past, she should give her heart full in the present to make her future better.

I inscribed the article in feminine form. The same situations could be with boys though. But these sort of things are more usual in girls.

So Girls, Be Confident about your relationships.

Keep them simple, Keep them real !

To avoid the wrecks.

Have a lovely day !

Thank you everyone!

B. M.


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