3 DAYS QUOTE CHALLENGE | Day 3 | The Words

Today is the last day of the challenge. All credit goes to iScriblr who appreciated my work and gave me a chance to participate. I’m so grateful to you Mam…😄 Thank you so much…

Today’s quote is:

The deepness lies in itself that every single word’s depth is fathomless. There’s no limit of words to describe a single word. Isn’t it so much interesting that to interpret the whole deepness of a single word, the rest of billions fall short??….

The quote often raises the bubbles of curiosity in my deliberative head when it roams in the blow of several other logical deliberations and veered me towards itself wholly. Then the storm rages in my head with the thoughts, seem not linked with dualism.

I’m talking about the “Reflection” here in actual. You may have read a million blogs. You may have read a billion quotes. You may have read a thousand scriptures. You may have read hundreds of books about life and of inspiration. You may read all of them and fill the wells and pits with them. But the word of God says,

Unless your reflection, those words not can raise your wisdom up but the egotism of being a greatest reader.

Moreover, you describe them with your few words and show yourself a sage or master. Have you ever think about the deepness of that one word among billions you read?…..

The situation has come to the previous quote: The more you find, the more you lost.

Such people present themselves as Philosophers to the others. Like they know to the Z of everything, which doesn’t exist anywhere because every word is fathomless.

Okay, tell me a thing, that if you describe the whole knowledge, the whole aspects, the whole shit of the whole universe in a single word, What would it be??….

I will answer it in the comments if you type first.

Quotes are linked with each other. A million quotes lie within a single quote. We are unable to know all of them, though they all are inside us. Chasing them to know is our biggest mistake. Your some years’ life isn’t much worthy. Just live this time by enjoying what you know and by reflection of course, which you have to give on them.

You can’t reach the end of life.

But you’ll reach the end of your life.

I write in quotes what is inside me. I never searched for quotes on the internet but my past life and experiences.

I’ve found two of my favorite bloggers: iScriblr and Anushka Hazra. Fathomless thank you to both of you 😊

Have a wonderful day ❤

Today’s nominations:

The Godly Chic Diaries

Discovering your happiness

A wayward scribbles

Thank you!

B. M.

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