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self love

Narcissism, Do you love yourself? Obviously we all love ourselves, think about us, care about us. Our primary priority is us. If we won’t love, respect, and care about us why other’s will bother them for us, they will also take us for granted. In my previous posts, I always talked and emphasized on self-love because I believe an empty vessel can’t quench anyone’s thirst. If we are empty from the inside, don’t have the flow of love in us we can’t love anyone else. Self-love is a beautiful feeling it is a progressive thought that teaches us not only to love ourselves but also to love and respect others in the same way. It is different from self-obsession a self-obsessed person only lives for themselves. When this obsession crosses all its boundaries, it transforms into a disease Narcissism where person become so self-centered that they start to think that…

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  1. iScriblr says:

    I loved the quote! Great post!❤

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    1. The kaby's says:

      Say it to the original writer..

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      1. iScriblr says:

        Haha.. I wish I could! 😛

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