“It depends” – The answer to everything!

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Recently, I have come across a really interesting concept while deliberating about the other areas of life. It’s only two words in total but I believe this is the true answer to everything……………. “It depends”

Yeah, you read it right. It depends. If you think for a moment about these two words, you”ll find that they can be said as an answer to almost every question lingering in your mind about life. I’ll explain this in some detail in this post.

Starting with the silliest question of the world, “What is life?” Now if you ask this question to the people, you can get endless answers to this question, but the true answer, the basic, the simplest answer to this question is “It depends”. It depends on you how you see the life and what attitude do you have towards life.

Now we’ve got what is life, the another silly question is “what is happiness?” And again, “It depends”. It depends on what makes you happy and when you feel happy. The other person has nothing to say. Similar questions can be about self-love, Narcissism, Gratitude, Egotism, and Love and all this crap.

The next question I would like to consider here is “Who is God?” or “What is God?” It simply depends on your perception. He’s nowhere, he’s everywhere. It depends on you.

Apart from these questions, the more questions in your mind are related to yourself and your personal life or relationships. Questions like, Should you do this or not, Is it right or wrong, Is it okay to feel a little prideful? Should I choose this or that? should we break-up? Is it hard to get famous? Am I going in the right direction? What I have learned in life? Why my life is so stressful? Why I have anxiety?……. and so on….. (unlimited)

It all simply depends. It depends on you, it depends on other factors, it depends on where you live, it depends on what kind of people are living around you. It depends!

On my blog, I talk about a lot of things, a lot of concepts like destiny, racism, egotism, mental health, but it totally depends on you if you believe them or how you understand them. I can’t say to you that you should understand in this or see this thing from this point. It’s totally up to you.

Now, I will close this post by saying something like, please like and comment on this post.

But it depends on you. Like it, if you like it. Comment if you have something to share.

Likes and comments and even your blog followers, also depend  😉

I hope this post entertained you!

And this is the end of the series “Inside”. I hope you learned a thing or two. I posted this at the end of the series because this concept itself is the summary of everything. Everything depends. Whatever the questions you have, whatever the doubts you have in your mind, it all depends. Somehow, I’m indirectly saying is don’t seek anyone who would listen to your questions, sorrows, and troubles and offer you solutions. Because they can’t! They simply can’t…… It depends on you how you handle that shit…..

Thanks for reading!

B. M.


The concept of the Lamp

NOTE – This post was written in the month of November 2018, so read it according to that time! 😉

Just a few days ago, when the whole India was celebrating the ‘Festival of lights’ and illuminating the houses with beautiful lamps and electric colors, I also was doing the same on that evening. Suddenly, one of the lamps drew my attention in a moment, I saw it for a second, then all the rest of the lamps prompted my eyes to notice them at least for a blink. In a few seconds, the whole lamps and lights of the world and the whole stars of the universe snatched my focus and consciousness. Like they wanted to tell me a law of nature what is still undisclosed to me. On that evening, I come to know that unveiled law. It states, “If you light up a lamp, always the dark will produce on the other side.”


That’s how I come up with the idea of this post and titled it The concept of the Lamp. The thing which grabbed my attention on that evening was the burning wick of the homemade lamp. Nonetheless, It was enlightening the front side of the lamp, but on the opposite side, its own light was picturing the dark shadow of itself, which is really captivated my heart and encouraged me to contemplate on it. It’s the very nature of the universe that it manifests the dark within the light. The Sun illuminates one side of the earth while the half hemisphere lodges in the night. This gospel makes the universe, the universe, makes the life, life and makes us us.

As it is a universal truth, so every single living and non-living thing is subjected to this legal philosophy. You can also take the example of your own life. Life is given to you by the universe and it enlightened you and manifested you into a being, surely the bright side. But as you are obeying the law of the universe, the dark side has also arrived for you in the form of hardships, personal problems, anxiety, entanglements, desires, and instability of mind. So should you be afraid of the dark side? You want to live, you want the light, but do not want the dark produced by that light. Is it possible to happen what you want? Certainly, the universe would have lost its entity if it does.


In the second application of this concept, picture yourself in a scenario that you want to start a business of your own, but scared to lose your investment in the business in case of its failure. Or you want to educate the people about any specific subject, but apprehensive that they might misuse the knowledge. Are you able to take the steps forward confidently in both the situations?

People with a strong persistency usually do not have enough time to think about the negative sides of their positive impacts which keeps their mind positive every time. They move forward with the approach that having a lamp is way better than having a completely black night. 

The rule of nature is the rule forever. It can’t be modified or replaced. Longing to change the universal rule won’t help. Nobody is destined to change them. If you have given life, then certainly it will be two-phased.


If you profoundly analyze your life, you will notice that the darks and lights of your life go hand in hand. Just like a sine wave, a positive hemisphere followed by the negative one. This is how it is designed by nature. A morning comes after a night full of dark and night comes after a day full of light. The Universe itself has created the rule of duality due to which the two sides of each coin exist. The positive and negative, the good and bad, pleasure and pain, advantage and disadvantage, and all those worldly things known by us.

Taking one step further into this principle, one thing has to be pointed out that dark exists, IF AND ONLY IF the light is produced and the dark itself cannot produce the light. This means that the light is the source of the existence of dark. Just think about those Diwali lamps. As soon as they lit up, a small black shadow came into existence just right back of the wick of each of them. If you put the above statement in a context, then it heaves a very remarkable question again and extends the debate to the further level. What was there before lighting up the lamps? At one glance, this pop up seems to completely dismiss the ideology until the perspective is changed. Think for a moment that all the light from the Universe has gone. What is left behind according to your presumption?……. The standard answer of the people would be ‘the dark’. But it’s still an assumption, not a complete gospel because it has never ever happened yet. It can also happen that the universe would be no longer exist and come into its natural state which is constant and zero. Another possibility is that the whole universe could turn into an enormous white ball filled with an immeasurable light. The third possible outcome may still unaccounted to us.


If either of those two possibilities happens, one thing is obvious that that light or dark will not be the same we know about them in today’s world. The higher chances are that it would be something unacquainted which would likely to change the definitions of lights and shadows.

The day is full of light and bright and the night is full of dark and black. That’s what we all know yet ignoring the fact that there can be much more in nature apart from the basic point of view.

On the basis of our so far knowledge, perspectives, thinking and theories about nature and life, it can be briefly said that the light and shadow are actually the phases of one coin and that coin is the source of existence of both of them. That coin may be is the energy, the celestial light, the universe itself or maybe that power what is known to us as “The God”.

Thanks for reading!

B. M.


|| Right, Wrong and Zero ||

‘Wrong’ – A word that fears the millions of people. Wrong is the opposite what is Right and what is Right? What is Good, that is right. So what is Good? What favors humanity and life is good.

Is it much simple to distinguish between the right and wrong? If you ponder over this question, it is more complicated than the Calculus. One thing that is right for you could be wrong for the next person. For Instance, having sex before marriage could wrong for a lot of people, but the same thing can be right also for the other group of people. It happens because of different thinking and different perspectives of people.

Since Childhood, we taught that what is wrong, what is right. As we get more mature, we become able to distinguish about right and wrong on our own on the basis of the definitions about right and wrong taught by society since childhood. That’s how our thinking is generated with different perspectives. Thereby, we point out others’ thinking also as right or wrong. While doing this, two other scales are formed, named as ‘Priority’ and ‘Objection’. The Priority is related to the scale ‘Right’ and the Objection is related to ‘Wrong’. We give priority to those who are ‘Right’ ACCORDING TO US and likewise the second.

Decisions are also affected by the right-wrong scale.

I shouldn’t break her heart because her previous boyfriend also deceived her. So this would be WRONG for me and for her also if I do the same to her.

But what, If that girl only wanted the previous boyfriend’s money?…….(fact)

In this case, the mentioned fact totally changes your decision. If you know this already, then it will be right If you leave her. But If you’re not aware of that, then the same thing is wrong for you.

The decision varies because of the moral values you gained in your childhood and teenage. You have been taught that If you find a girl with a broken heart and you love her, then it will be right not to break her heart again. You have been taught that If you find a girl with a broken heart but with bad intentions, then it will be wrong to help her.

But in reality, we never know what is right and what is wrong. They’re just the scales. Whatever you think, whatever your perspectives are, they all are right, but also they all are wrong. So, all the rights and wrongs cancel each other, we get the net result, a Zero. This means that nothing is wrong, nothing is right. There are no scales. Zero is free from every right and wrong. This Zero is the true reality of the Universe. This is where we all come from, the Zero. The Neutral Thorn.

What is your thinking about Right and Wrong??..

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

B. M.

A battle of Ego, Copyright law, and Nature

We all are living in a world where only papers are accepted and approved. The most fun part is that if you create something by yourself, you have to prove it that indeed, you have created this. Isn’t it weird?

What I’m talking about here is the Copyright rule and laws in simple words. I think everyone knows about this crappy law. You have to make papers of your work and proof by law that you are the creator or owner. A few months ago, I was really worried about this copyright thing that how will I handle this? What if someone steals my music or songs and register on his name? and so on blah blah blah…………… But I have changed a lot now, especially in last 3 or 4 months. My perception has totally transformed towards everything including this copyright thingy. I observed that everyone is clashed in this race. Everyone wants to prove it in every possible way that he indeed has created something. Not then, but now I’m understanding that this is the way of ego to perk up in the people’s mind. This law is nothing but a good way to raise the level of pride.

Suppose you have created a piece of music, your mind already starts to take pride in it that it has created something extraordinary and now this is his own, means yours. Now here comes the official law to claim this officially. Then how can your mind leave this golden chance to brighten up the feelings of pride?….. You are not actually driven by copyright law, you’re actually driven by your own mind, your own thoughts of ego.

This is the story of every person. People acclaim that this belongs to them, this belongs to them, they are the owner of it, this idea was mine, this photograph is mine, I made this painting, I wrote this song, and so on………….

But what if Nature herself says that the mind you’re using to create these things, belongs to her and she’s the owner of it?…….. Have you ever thought about this?

It’s right na?….. Nature has given you this powerful mind. Nature has given you this beautiful human body. What if she asks you directly that this belongs to her?….

I see everyone chanting around that this universe is created by God. He created all of us. Then tell me, why you say that this piece of music is yours? And this blog post is yours? This photography clicked in the lap of Nature is yours? This painting of a forest is yours? This idea of business is yours? This idea of going to church on Sunday was yours? This idea of becoming a real believer was yours? This idea of controlling your mind was yours? and this idea of having a baby, having a girl or a boy was yours? If this idea was yours, then tell me who is God?

Nature has created air through which the sound is heard. Nature has given the ability to understand the words. Nature has created this light through which you see everything. Nature has created all the colors. Nature has given the ability to think. Nature has created all the days and nights. Nature herself created her play. Nature has created this human mind. Nature has created life!

And what a human being has created?…………………….

A copyright law……………….

To tell Nature that humans are different from her. They have their own existence. An existence made with the walls of Egotism.

What do you think about this law of copyright and Nature? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

B. M.

Genetics and Surroundings

“The existence of a particular human being tells a lot about his previous generation’s life aspects. He himself is the part of that generation and carry some genes from his father’s generation and some from his mother’s. The blend of two gave birth to a new kind of generation.” That’s what the father of geneticsMendel said more than a century ago.

A gene is the part of the DNA, which gives instructions to the body cells that what type of molecules, called ‘proteins’ to produce in the body. These proteins are responsible for the influence of the inherited traits (i.e. hair color). The DNA is present within every single cell of the human body. It is the inherited material present in every living organism. In a special order, all the things can be described as – Human Cell – Nucleus – DNA – Chromosomes.


Genes are passed on from generation to generation by the process of reproduction. They are the specific area of the DNA in the chromosome, which has a special code made up of four chemical bases: Adenine (A), Guanine (G), Cytosine (C), and Thymine (T). This code commands all the cells of the body that to which protein they have to form. As the genes are inherited, that’s why a big part of an individual’s life is influenced by the mixture of genes from two different generations. The facial expressions, behavior, sensory organs, the way of talking, any physical activity or any special habit may pass on through the chromosomes carrying genes.

Genetics is complicated with its mechanism. It becomes more twisted when the ‘thought process’ is also found to be same as to the predecessor. In genetic term, it is called ‘Cognitive Function’ and it is also inherited from the parents. If the cognitive function is the same, the decisions and the actions regarding anything would also be. This is because of the transfer of the genes responsible for thinking and related to ethics and moral values. They produce the same kind of commands to the cells in the produced organism. Thus, it can be considered that the genetics affect all the aspects of an individual’s life including thinking, decision making power, thought process and attitude towards life. Due to the same mind mapping, the way of handling life situations also remains similar to the past generation, but with an exception. Even though the human cells are sovereign in the process of the creation of any living body, but the role of the surrounding milieu cannot be neglected as the brain will collect the information from the surroundings.

The Disconnected Mind team from Age UK studies the effect of genetic and environmental influences on the cognitive function. They found that the cognitive function is highly influenced by the environment factor, nearly 76%. The rest is due to the genetics. The encompassing atmosphere is the second most vital factor in the development of the creature. Excluding the weather conditions, it is referring to the surrounding community, people, society, lifestyle of people, infrastructure and buildings, nature views, cultures, traditions, believes, social practices and activities. A living organism, specifically a human being is an interactive mammal and likes to communicate with his peers and the quality of thinking of his peers makes a great difference in his all aspects of life. Through interaction, a person comes to know about the other person’s thinking and viewpoints. So the exchange of thoughts takes place between them. Furthermore, when a serious interaction takes place, the mind gives its full attention to the conversation to observe the information, and where the attention, mind, and observation met, the information is automatically stored into the brain and the brain starts to revise it whilst the mind contemplates on it.


The thinking itself is also based on the surrounding atmosphere of people and the factors like culture belongs to the people, tradition they follow, beliefs they have and their lifestyle. It is obvious that it will affect the person’s mind according to its origin. It may be negative or it may be positive. For instance, the origin of thinking of illiterate people is the undeveloped origin and have a limited and small type of thinking. If a human resides in the origin like this, he’s more likely to adopt the qualities of the dwellers of the community.

However, the genetic code of the DNA once formed, can never be changed but they are not tended to produce the same proteins for which they are responsible all the time. They can switch on and off the function during the life cycle, which is called gene regulation. Because of this, thinking and ideologies of the cohabitants can put a strong impact on one’s DNA code but they cannot change it. So they tend the DNA to stop producing the same protein molecules and create molecules with different structures probably similar to the society people’s proteins. This could result in the complete transformation of the psychological, philosophical and moral character of a human mind. When it comes to the question that what influences the gene regulation, a relatively new branch of biomedical science is introduced called ‘epigenetics’. The branch is thriving steeply by research programs like ‘The Disconnected Mind’ and the other research teams but they know that switching is done by chemical modification to the DNA. ‘Methylation’, in which methyl groups are combined with the genes is the only modification of DNA known yet.

According to my own ideology, the structure of forming proteins after the dweller’s migration in his body is identical to the protein molecules of those people who are inhibiting on the place, where the individual migrated. I restate it as a ‘Theory of  cognitive functions in Epigenetics’ as, “After migration from one place to another, the DNA code starts to instruct the body cells in the same way in which the cohabitants’ cells instructed and it produces the same protein structure identical to them.”  This theory is only applicable to the environmental influences on the cognitive functions, not on the inherited physical traits (i.e. eyes, hair, color). According to this theory, it can also be observed that the interaction with the different type of people in day to day life might be the reason of gene regulation and responsible for the transformation of the genital code of DNA. I have an example to simplify this theory in detail below.

Consider a person from a generation that has an undeveloped or rarely exploited origin of the noble thinking and attitudes. Let’s assume that at the age of 12 or 13, he moved from the location where he’s been residing with his family. After the migration, the people and the ambiance around him also have changed which initiates the process of transformation of cells. Let’s say they are more optimistic and wiser than the past community. Now obviously he will interact with the society in his day to day life, but here the information has been changed. The mind is observing just like in the same way, but he has now some unacquainted things to observe. The theory is simple and straight now. The revision and repetition tend to continue in the same fashion but access the different practices, which results in the switching of gene functions without actually changing the genes themselves according to the observation from the surroundings. This process alters the inherited thinking with the thinking of society in which he migrated. With the change in place of living and society, the change in DNA code and the protein structures also takes place in the body, further the transformation of the thoughts and attitudes. Similarly, if a person is kept away from any human society in a place like forests, then the chances are that his lifestyle will be more like the troglodyte.


In addition to this, people have already been dwelling in that area might have only the permanent genes, that is the gene regulation do not occur in their DNAs. But this could be possible that once the gene regulation occurred in their forefathers when they would have changed their place of living and become a part of that community where their descendants are living in today. Possibly their gene codes themselves totally would have transformed and started to produce the completely new gene functions with the period of time. This could only be considered if the above theory proved to be right.

The impact of surroundings can also pierce the moral and spiritual traits like honesty, patience, understanding and so on. An honest father’s son could be wicked and selfish or vice versa. It depends that what he observes the most around him, especially during his childhood. Not only observation, but it is also important that how much the information mesmerizes or fascinates him and how much he revises the information because the impact is created by the revision.

If a thing is reiterated by people around the habitat place, it urges the mind to give attention to it and it also builds a pressure. As a result, the word of people is considered important by the mind and people start to dominate over him. Then, the decisions start to influence by the opinion of people and the things become more complicated. That’s why it is highly recommended that we should not give priority to the people. Because the control over the mind is prior and that control must be of our own.

The ambiance of the surroundings gives birth to new codes in the DNAs. A lot of revision of a practice develops a new trait permanently and it gets transferred to the next generations as well. Thus the habitat atmosphere affects the present hereditary genes’ functions and also switch them with new functions. This may be one of the consequential reason for diversity in the generations evolved from the similar origin.

Apart from including the whole atmosphere, a very small activity, thing or word could also have a huge significance in the evolution of the genealogy. In some cases, the surrounding is as same as the previous family had, but still, the functions get influenced and transformed. It all involves the focus and attention of the mind and what ravishes him the most. The probability of happening this case is not too bright, but it is not completely impossible. The rate is pretty similar to the case of a four leaf clover, however not exact rate has been found yet.


After probing this theory in such detail, it is clear that the atmosphere of habitat place is more dominant to change the lifestyle of an individual than his inherited genes. The production of cells is highly dependent on the surrounding environment of an individual. His thinking skills and approach towards life is also depends on the same factor. The theory if it proved as precise, could be applied to change the gene expressions not by any device or engineering, but simply by changing the surroundings and society in a much natural way. Epigenetics is a new approach to biomedical science. There’s a lot of concepts and theories yet to be revealed in this field. However, I believe that those concepts will also involve the major factor of outer bubble and surroundings which I consider the most impactful in the change in the functions of gene codes. One day, it will all be disclosed to us and hopefully this theory established as a true doctrine.

Thank you for reading!

B. M.