Where are the dreams? – SUMMARY

After revising my all the posts, I considered that I should post the Summary of the series ‘Where are the dreams’. The summary is an excerpt of the whole series which gives you the important information about the idea of the series in brief.

So here’s the Summary:-

The youth of a state of India is highly addicted to an exam named IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and they don’t want to live in India, because of high corruption and unemployment(even after the high scored marks in the studies) like issues in the country. If somehow they get the job, they do not get the salary according to their hard work. That’s why they choose to migrate abroad by clearing this exam to live a good life.

IELTS has positive as well as negative impacts on the territory. From the point of patriotism, IELTS is a bane for the country, but from the aspect of poverty of poor people, it works as a boon, a lifeline for that people. I do not favor the IELTS, but also I can’t say that the youth is doing any wrong thing. In all my blogs, I just rendered my own thoughts and ideas about the exam.

The people have gone enough crazy to go to foreign countries that they can do anything for that. They are using spouse method, they are using study visa, and even the illegal methods. The values of relations are demolishing by time, their love for each other is fading, the individualism is roughly increasing. All in all, the Punjab state’s people are trying to copy the lifestyle of European people but mistakenly their reputation is likely to be corny because a copy is just a copy, not original and natural. Or might be they are trying to solve the issue of the population of the country in a corny way.

Here’s what you read in the series-






In short, this series is all about a state of India where the intellect of people is deflecting due to just an exam which can bring them to the tier 1 countries for high standard life, due to which the country love is sharply declining in them. As a result, the IELTS exam is proving to be a bane for the youth of the province.

That’s all from this series. I hope you’ve liked it!

The next series is on the way and coming soon on the blog. The series will be about the story of relationships and breakups. 😉

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B. M.

WHERE ARE THE DREAMS ? (V) (The + sides)

Every single thing in this world has its own positive and negative sides. The same is true for IELTS. However, I realized this a couple of days ago when my sister argued regarding my exam criticizing blogs and sweetly explained that how society is positively impacting as well. So, I decided to write her perspective towards the exam under the title ‘The positive sides’.

Many of you may know that there are a lot of castes, religions, and communities in India. Specifically, In Punjab, rich people would establish their relations with the same community’s and caste’s people in past times. A decade ago, when the IELTS exam got popular in the state, the wealthy ones whose kids couldn’t clear out the exam started to connect with poor families whose kids have cleared the exam and the inequality is somehow eradicating due to this exam. Even this is the story of my own sisters. They are married in wealthy families. So IELTS is bridging the gap between the rich and a poor. As a result of this change, poor people’s financial condition is getting better and they are standardizing their lifestyle.

The country is also the world’s second most densely populated country in the world. But since the prominence of IELTS, many areas of the region are getting empty, particularly of Punjab. Many people are migrating in foreign countries permanently. So we can say that the test is contributing to decline the population of the country to some extent.

After analyzing from every angle, I discovered these positive impacts of the test on the province’s people. I hope the inequality in the territory will completely root out along with the population in the future.

IELTS is a good choice if you are worried about your family’s financial condition and you’re facing a lot of problems in India. IELTS is for those people who want an easy life and a lot of money without doing much in life. If you want to do something big in life, then this test is not for you.

Thank you!


“The spouse”.

This is where I ended up my last post WHERE ARE THE DREAMS (III). Students, youngsters whoever they are, Spouse method is common in both the groups. It is an easy one and in most of the cases, it is found to be convenient.

Well, it is quite difficult to explain that how does it work, as the systems are too different in Punjab. But I will try to clarify it with the help of an example. Read the next passage carefully and I hope you’d be able to understand!

Suppose a boy has scored 6.5 in IELTS exam but he’s not enough worthy to manage the expenses of the whole process of going abroad. On every newspaper in the region, there’s a dedicated column of marriage advertisements in which anyone can publish an advertisement for the marriage by giving some necessary details. So, the first step is to give an advertisement in the newspaper in which he mentions that he has scored 6.5 in IELTS exam and needs a bride whose family could expend all the money to go abroad. This type of advertisement is really popular in the state and everyone can understand what is being said in the ad.

There are a lot of girls who can’t clear the exams but belong to a loaded family. Once the ad is published, the needed families start to contact him and his family. Normally it takes one or two weeks maximum, and the perfect fit is found for the boy.

midsection of woman making heart shape with hands
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In some cases, it’s an open deal between both the families that they will split after the Permanent Residency of the pair. After the separation, both families are independent to marry their offsprings with anyone else in the future. In other cases, it is a real traditional marriage, that is they are permanently married to each other. The later process is then almost the same as a normal student visa, but with a spouse.

In both of the cases, logically if you see that what really is happening is that, they buy each other. Either kind of marriage is more like a negotiation. It is not what you call a marriage. Of course, they fulfill each other’s requirements, but they are requirements, not imperfections. The boy is in need of money and the girl is in need of IELTS bands. So they build the relation not for their qualities or talents but for their own requirements and after marriage, they show off the world, “We love each other.

If I or you, call them a pair of mokes then I don’t think so we’re insulting them in any way and I hope that you are in accordance with me.

Almost every single teen wants to go abroad and as soon as possible. That’s why the early age marriages are taking place in the region. Interestingly, they are proving to be successful in long terms even without love for each other, because the money and needs bind them together.

That’s all for today’s post. In the next post, I will speak about the positive impacts of the IELTS exam on the society because my sister gets uncomfortable with the IELTS criticism and introduced me some positive sides of the exam.

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B. M.


So what a middle-class student does to go foreign?

This was my question in the last blog WHERE ARE THE DREAMS? (II) and this is my today’s topic. So let’s find out the answer.

The students belong to a wealthy family do not face any troubles in paying the fees for the visa of other nation, For them, the process is so easy as the money works for them. Even, the IELTS exam has been corrupted in the state and the marks can be purchased with money. I’ve heard about so many cases of the exam centers where the paper gets leaked or the students leave the answer sheet just blank but still, they score higher than any other contestant because the faculty members have been lured by the enticement. But things are not so easy for middle-class students. They must have to find a different way. So what do they do to achieve their aim of going abroad?…

Well, they go for every possible strategy. There are plenty of moneylenders available who offer loan at some interest per month. You can use the money in any way you wish to. Nobody’s gonna inspect your expenses. So a number of families use this way to send their child to the other world. The second option is to sell some part of the fields who have a profession of agriculture. Selling a 4000 square meters piece of land can give them a sufficient amount of money for the expenditure. The third option is the relatives and friends who already have been living in foreign countries for a period of time. They can easily arrange the cost with the contribution of each other. Later, the newbie will give them the money back after settling down there. And for that, he does more work and less study in abroad. Obviously, he has a time of 2 or 3 years or more to live there. In this period, he pays off the debts of the moneylenders or returns the borrowed money to the relatives and disburden his shoulders. But, this is not the end of the mission. The main target is the Permanent Residency. Once you take admission in the university or college of any particular country and reside there for two or three years, you have to apply for a complete work permit (Temporary Residency) and later on, you are supposed to collect a special score required to apply for the PR. It is based on your IELTS scores, type of course, so far work experience and some other factors. I’m not sure about the score, but I’m sure that these are the further steps taken by a typical student, in particular of Punjab. Once the threshold score is achieved, they are ready to change their nationality.

And that’s it, all is done.

Life is settled, rich and happy.

This is the lifestyle of the youth of this area!

But hey wait!!…

One more question and situation!

If a student does not have any of the ways mentioned above, but still he wants do go abroad, then what would he do ??…..

The solution might seem kind of crappy and strange to some people but that’s what they do.

They go for the spouse visa.

Yes, why not ?!….everything is fare to go abroad…So why don’t he has a partner ?!

I will explain the spouse visa in the next blog post in detail. Stay tuned!

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B. M.


Now Let’s discuss about the question of my previous blog Where are the dreams? (I), that is, “Why they are doing so ?”

A very simple answer to this question is, ‘Due to a lot of corruption and problems in India.’

Now let’s examine it profoundly.

India is still a country which is facing several issues, social problems and a lot of malpractices. There’s a lot of corruption here, no strict rules on anyone, poor people are becoming poorer, rich people are becoming richer. In some places, people are dying out because of insufficient food and water supply. Degree holders are not getting jobs. If somehow they do, then they aren’t paid well. There’s extremism on every side. But just think about one thing that….. Who does corruption?







Yes, the people do everything. The people do corruption, the people do intellectualism. The people rise sinfulness, the people rise purism. Everything is done by human beings…

Now India is a corrupted country. But who made this country corrupted?

The People.

And who can erase this corruption?

Obviously,…The people.

But what the people are practicing here is just defamation over each other. One person tries to degrade the other that he is evil, he is bad, he don’t think about the humanity etc. etc…. and the next one also repeat the same exercise on his competitor. But neither is thinking about the country or humanity. They just try to cloak themselves in a good appearance.

Now we turn back to our Punjab students……..

So Why they think that there’s no future in India ?…..

They think so because they think that they won’t get any job here. If they live here, their lives would be spoiled. Their whole life will be sorrowful in India. They won’t earn much money etcetera etcetera…From one point, they are absolutely right. They won’t get any job here, because there is a big competition in India for jobs as it is a populated country and only the warriors survive here. But the students of Punjab are afraid of competitions and failures and it is the truth (yes, I believe). They don’t want any troubles and struggles in life. They don’t want any competitions. That’s why……….they simply escape and choose to leave the battle by demoralizing the country.

So meanwhile,

The Punjab youngsters don’t want to contribute to the development of their own country.

They don’t want to compete with anyone.

They don’t want struggles.

What do they want?

Well, they want to settle in other countries.

They want to develop that countries more, who have already developed.

They want to do the Servant Scullery jobs in other countries.

They want to forbid their own interests and dreams for the sake of money.

That’s all what they want.

I really want to stretch this topic more and I will do. I’ll write more about this issue.

In my next blog, I will discuss what a middle-class student does to go foreign?

If you have any question or objection from my blogs, then please write in comments. We’ll discuss them there.

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