Heading towards the extinction

Make up your mind, Make up your Soul.


​WE have less than 1,000 years to escape planet earth or face extinction

– Professor Stephen Hawking.

I read this in the newspaper last week and It was enough for my mind to start brainstorming, Why one of the world’s smartest man is saying that the future of humanity lies in space !? why he said that we must plan our escape over the next few centuries !? Is human race is going to extinct? Will it extinct? Whether I will get a chance to see human colonies on other planets in my lifespan or not? { Ya I think a lot }

And I read one more news today which made me think:  do we really have 1,000 years ? or we have just 100 or fewer years? 

The news was :

“We estimate that Pakistan now has a nuclear weapons stockpile of 130-140 warheads ” said the…

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New Series Introduction

Hey fellow bloggers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of my previous articles which were really different from what I usually write. I’m here just to inform you that my new series is on the wayyyyyyy………..!!!!!…..(yeeee… finally 😍😍). Yeah, finally after a long long time, I introduced a series.

The series is called “Inside” and it’s all about my inner side 😉. This series is really close to me and it covers the things about which I think inside. It’s all about my mind you can say (a more closer look of me 😝).

The series contains 6 posts in total which covers the topics of Genetics, Copyright law, some unique concepts, and a special post about the words “It depends”. I hope you’ll enjoy this series. Basically, it is the mixture of unrelatable topics. The first post will be about copyright laws and nature but the next post may be about Genetics. A perfect mismatch! It has something for everyone. No matter what you’re interested in!….. So I hope you’ll like and support this series as you always does….🤗❤

Thank you for your support!

Will be right back here with this series, so Stay Tuned☺☺……….

B. M.


When a survey ends even before its starting!

“There was a time when women social activists asked men to stand up for their rights. But, this time, we will do it by ourselves…I am focusing on women to be independent to fight for themselves.” – Malala Yousafzai

‘The most prominent citizen’ of Pakistan, born in 1997 in Mingora in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa raised a stentorian voice against the women inequality in her teenage. Malala is one of the most influential personality according to Time Magazine and known for human rights advocacy, especially the education of women and children. She won the Nobel Peace Prize along with Kailash Satyarthi in 2014, makes her the youngest Nobel Prize laureate in history. Malala stands up for women’s rights and education and inspired thousands and thousands of women around the world to fight for their rights. The education system must be equal for both, the boys and girls, according to her. Undoubtedly, she influenced millions of people with her noble voice and made the world a better place to live, especially for women.

From her neighbor country, Manasi Pradhan, an Indian woman had the same dream like Malala that she would fight for women’s rights and protest against the domestic violence faced by women around her area. Her dream was to give them the respect and honor they deserve in the society and she did exactly in real life. She indeed lived her dream. She runs a movement called, ‘Honour for Women National Campaign’ to end violence against women in India. She is the founder of three organizations, Nirbhaya Vahini, Nirbhaya Samaroh and OYSS Women. The prime motive of three of them is to help the girls in achieving higher education and to abolish the domestic violence against them. Her life story is an inspiration to millions of girls that a single woman alone, can change the whole society.

Similarly these two Asian women, there are a lot of activists who endeavored for the same around the globe. Simone de Beauvoir, Gloria Steinem, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Roxane Gay are some of the wide known faces who actually provoked the idea of modern feminism.

Now what modern feminism really is? and what do the feminists’ efforts mean to the girls? I wanted to know the answers to these questions from the young women living in the rural area of the country, specifically of the Punjab state.

That’s it!!!… My first survey of life ended there miserably. 😢

I wanted to do a complete professional survey on the rural girls aged 18-23 around me but everything messed up in an unwanted way. So, how this happened?

Read further – 😉……………………….

I started this from a neighbor girl. I told her everything about it, the questions, the subject, and stuff. She impressed and said she will definitely take part. After that, I was also in touch with my girls students, who were three in total. I repeated everything to them. After reading my whole text about the survey thingy, first, they shot some excuses that they can’t come because of some restrictions and class time, but finally, I convinced them for the survey and they said that they will come.

I prepared everything according to myself to manage the data. It took me two days to do this. When everything has done, it’s time to start out the survey. Butt………………………….

On the first day of the survey, no one actually came or called or picked up my call!!….. I had four participants in total, but none was interested actually. I realized this later!

Okay, after that I didn’t lose hope and this tried to convince a completely strange lady. I’m too shy with girls, but at that time, I collected enough confidence so I could talk to her clearly. There was of course some fumbling in the very first line, but it was fine later and anyone can understand my words. Okay, I started with the introduction about the survey and explained the main scope of the survey. After that her reaction, OMG her reaction!!!…… You know about her reaction!!??…..😱😱

She must be thinking that I’m some kind of rapists and talking about the procedure of rape. She only said one sentence – Look, I do a job so……………. After that, she ran away to the other side so quickly and thanked God when she reached there (I bet). I didn’t expect that but I knew that the area I’m living in, the girls have a too much reserved nature that they don’t say a Hi to a stranger. After this experience, I realized that no survey can be done here, plus I also got the answers to all of the questions related to the survey. The rural area girls don’t even know the meaning of Feminism. It was expected.

I shut down the survey after that and got busy in some other things. This post was actually draft and it was intended for the complete observation of the survey. I thought to delete this draft, but it was not a good idea, so I wrote everything down what actually had happened, so you people could read about some more experiences of my life.

So, it happened with me a couple of months ago. What do you think should you try to do a survey on your own or WOULD you like to do a survey like that?😜

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

B. M.

|| Happiness is key ||

Hi everyone!

I’m back after a couple of months again. I missed my old blogging routine during this time. Well, the last two months were the worst yet best months of my life. I have been passed through a hell lot of shit. It was a mixture of anxiety, financial pressure, positivity, bizarre thinking and thoughts, feelings of love and everything in-between.

Back in November, I was planning to move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. I think I have mentioned this before in one of my blog posts. So I decided not to post anything on the blog until it gets clear. Then I had to wait for two weeks to buy the domain and shifting due to some transaction problems with my Paypal account. In December, there was not at all any routine or work for me. I just almost became a sloth. But this was the time when I started to think those bizarre thoughts I mentioned above. They were all related to Time traveling and Future. I started to perceive the world with a different perspective. I was not intentionally thinking like this, it was all so natural. With each day, I became so much wiser. It was almost like I’m learning the things at a very sharp speed. I got almost detached from the world and people and all those sorrows, happiness and problems being faced by them.

Another bizarre thing happened with me was that I discovered myself an anti-money person.  It’s like I’m not meant to make money or earn from my blog. I also noticed that if I try to do so, I become anxious and upset. But even then, I tried to purchase a Bluehost plan for my blog. I wasn’t expecting what was going to happen after this. I got overwhelmed with my own thoughts and a strange feeling related to money. The migration of all my blog posts didn’t go well and it disappointed me. My mind started to question me that Why I’m doing this? Is there any reason? Am I happy with this decision? Why will I put advertisements on my blog? It’s dirty!

I realized that whatever I do, whatever decisions I take, there’s a special feeling for them. An intuition……. ??!!.. I don’t know what you call it, but it is very strong in my case. I missed that in my this decision, however, I felt like it was there, but it wasn’t actually. All of you know that my future depends on this blog but still, it doesn’t feel right to earn anything from it. I refunded my Bluehost account and closed it forever. Though I purchased the WordPress premium plan to get a .com extension. With an unclear future and mind, I felt that Wordads might be the solution and I turned it on now. I tried to bring traffic by following others’ blogs, making social media accounts on several websites, but it made me more upset and anxious. I stopped doing that.

A few days ago I just realized that I’m not meant to generate traffic or to make social media accounts and asking people to visit my blog. Music is my passion. It gave me this second life. Where is it and what I’m doing? Now it was all clear to me that what I’m missing. The happiness. Then I added that in my routine and it sets the things right.

red and black flowers
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Whatever was it, it taught me some of the best teachings about life. Many of them I couldn’t and can’t explain this in this post. But it brought me more close to myself for sure. Still, I don’t know what will I do to make a living, still, there’s a financial pressure over me. But I’m happy that solved out another puzzle of life.

I’m now doing only those things for which I have that special feeling. No matter if they’re useful or not or can bring any profit or not. If it feels right, it feels right. That’s it!

All I want to suggest to all of you is that Don’t ever take advice from anyone regarding anything. Do if it feels right, don’t if it doesn’t. I’m not requesting now to please visit my blog or share my blog. Do if it feels right, don’t if it doesn’t.

I will try to get back my routine and post regularly. I have some drafts typed a few months ago. They’re ready now and soon you’ll read them all. I’m also trying to get back the Quotes section and the Graphix images as well. Hope you’ll support this blog as you did before! 🙂

Take care all of you!

See you in the next post!

Thank you!

B. M.