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I do not have any Laptop, Wifi, Speaker Set, Mic, Plugins…. But I still Believe I can do better in Electronic Music. #InspireMe.

Complicated Clicks | II |

May be the previous one was too much complicated to guess. Isn’t it ??!!….That’s why I got only a few comments and not much attention from the bloggers. Okay, so here is an easy one. I hope you can guess this without any hint. This shot isn’t much edited and complex. Only you need a…

Complicated Clicks | I |

Here’s an image captured by me. It is also edited and it took almost 1 hour to edit the picture I still remember. I found it most complicated image in my library to be guessed.

Challenge : 12 things that make me different.

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Education isn’t limited to only reading books or studying in the schools. An illiterate person could also be the vast source of education and Imagination. The latter one is free of illiteracy completely and education could be anything. If you go to school, it doesn’t mean that you are an educated person and If you do not go to school, it doesn’t mean that you are illiterate.

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She has nominated me for the Get to know me Tag. I’m really really thankful to this young lady. Here’s Penni’s Blog >> Penfila. Please visit here… 🙏🙏🙏

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Slash | Summary |

The main focus of the series was to differentiate the things which look almost similar to each other but in fact, they are opposite to each other by small difference. I focused on how to explain you that difference so it could clear to you. In each post, while juxtaposing, I SLASHED two things and I tried my best in this. Here is the list what we have slashed in the series :

Slash | Imagination // Knowledge |

Imagination itself is based upon Knowledge. It develops from our own knowledge. Using your common knowledge in an extraordinary way is Imagination.

Slash | Satisfaction // Immobility |

Today’s I’m slashing a thing which is probably most focused and trending on all the blogs on Wordpress. Everyone talks about that. Yes, you guessed right…It is “The key of happiness – Satisfaction.” I included this one because of its popularity and Of course to abolish some fallacies.

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I have been nominated by two fantabulous bloggers. Both are my favorites. Both are so interactive. Both are beautiful. Both are girls.🙈