I made a vector portrait – Lucia Brandana

Apart from writing blogs or poems, I also started learning vector portraits. A vector portrait is a portrait of a person made using digital drawing software where we draw each shape on screen with a stylus or mouse.

Love Talk – A poem about two longing souls

Almost in every developed country, it is suggested that you should never talk to strangers. But the suggestion haven’t been grasped well by many of us as it leads to an isolated and lonely life. It is greatly affecting the social life and even the communication skills. Hence, with the increasing population, the people are becoming lonelier than ever before.

INVENTION : A poem about a raped woman

Invention of a light bulb,
Hides a raped girl.
Burned a firefly,
Depletes an honest blood.
A night full of stars
An oil lamp’s wick

Ratneshwar Temple – The ’tilted temple’ of India

The ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ is one of the most iconic structure of the world. Primarily because of its nearly 4 degrees tilt to the south. Whenever we think about the tilted structures, the Tower of Pisa tops the list mostly. But I’ll tell you what is at the bottom of the list.