The Concept of Blind Comments

Today, I come up with an other concept which I called “Blind Comments”. As the name indicates, it is related to the comments which are done without actually reading the post.

The concept of Blind Likes

I hope all are doing great and enjoying their blogging journey. Well, today I’m gonna discuss a thing related to blogging and bloggers.

Stenza 1 | Wiser |

The day when I born,

I thought I’m so much wiser.

The next day I thought,

I’m wiser than the yesterday.

Illustration 3 | We’re hungry |

We’re hungry. What do you think, what this illustration and the title tells ??… Please write in the comments as you used to do on my other posts… 🤗🤗😘😘❤❤. B. M.


I’m really sorry guys, I didn’t post anything from last 2 days. But I’m struggling with some personal problems related to my mental health.

Quotes || 3.1

“Making excuses is the most easiest thing to do.”


Some days ago, I read a post from one of my favorite blogger. The post was about the types of violence against women and that post was based on the seventh or may be sixth type of women violence, which is Female Genital Mutilation.