The Concept of Blind Comments

Today, I come up with an other concept which I called “Blind Comments”. As the name indicates, it is related to the comments which are done without actually reading the post.

The concept of Blind Likes

I hope all are doing great and enjoying their blogging journey. Well, today I’m gonna discuss a thing related to blogging and bloggers.

LIGHT || Destructive Rhythm ||

Whatever we observe constantly, we think that it exists and has a solid ground and roots. Our conscious mind tells that ‘this is Life’. Thus, we take the Life as a ‘Race’. That’s how the definition and the sub definitions of it has formed “Life’s an endless Race.”

LIGHT || Chained to the Rhythm ||

I see the people doing the same thing again and again everyday. Every morning, the same Sun, the same Light, the same Bus, the same road, and the same work to which we are supposed to. It’s all has been happening from years and years

A Gift for a Blogger

Well this post is dedicated to someone. A girl requested me to write her name in a bizarre style as she’s impressed by my posted art on Wordpress. 😉

An Introduction to Life.

Life will always be a mystery for you until you find death. You’re nothing but just a mass of some bones which is driven by life herself. It’s her own choice to take whatever destination, whatever place.


Life has reached me in a situation which I haven’t had yet. It illusions me that there’s no way to go further. But I know it’s not possible. There’s always a way, it’s just an illusion of clouds.

A Message to the Students

Yesterday I just realized a serious problem of today’s students when three beautiful girls came to me and told that they’re worried and stressed about their exam. It made me realize that also the Students face the states like anxiety, stress and depression due to their studies. The thoughts threw me back a couple of years ago, when I heard a news about a student that she killed herself due to mental instability.

|| Friends ||

Since the day I have become a teacher, one thing hit in my mind again and again like a Squash ball on the wall. It is something related to the comparison between friends and teachers. Sometimes I wonder that to become a teacher is worth it ??….

|| Woman – The Greatest Fighter ||

Today I want to share something with all of you. Three students come in my cabin for speaking. All of them were girls. They discussed some personal problems with me that something’s not going well in their lives. I asked some general questions to them related to their problems. I come to know that their parents are too much strict on them (as they all are girls) and demanding a good score in the exam in which they are enrolled within a month.

|| Interesting Help ||

Nobody’s gonna support you financially. Especially when you’re going on the way of your passion and dreams. Because people are uncertain about the “Way of Passion”. That’s why the most don’t follow it.