So what a middle-class student does to go foreign?

This was my question in the last blog WHERE ARE THE DREAMS? (II) and this is my today’s topic. So let’s find out the answer.

The students belong to a wealthy family do not face any troubles in paying the fees for the visa of other nation, For them, the process is so easy as the money works for them. Even, the IELTS exam has been corrupted in the state and the marks can be purchased with money. I’ve heard about so many cases of the exam centers where the paper gets leaked or the students leave the answer sheet just blank but still, they score higher than any other contestant because the faculty members have been lured by the enticement. But things are not so easy for middle-class students. They must have to find a different way. So what do they do to achieve their aim of going abroad?…

Well, they go for every possible strategy. There are plenty of moneylenders available who offer loan at some interest per month. You can use the money in any way you wish to. Nobody’s gonna inspect your expenses. So a number of families use this way to send their child to the other world. The second option is to sell some part of the fields who have a profession of agriculture. Selling a 4000 square meters piece of land can give them a sufficient amount of money for the expenditure. The third option is the relatives and friends who already have been living in foreign countries for a period of time. They can easily arrange the cost with the contribution of each other. Later, the newbie will give them the money back after settling down there. And for that, he does more work and less study in abroad. Obviously, he has a time of 2 or 3 years or more to live there. In this period, he pays off the debts of the moneylenders or returns the borrowed money to the relatives and disburden his shoulders. But, this is not the end of the mission. The main target is the Permanent Residency. Once you take admission in the university or college of any particular country and reside there for two or three years, you have to apply for a complete work permit (Temporary Residency) and later on, you are supposed to collect a special score required to apply for the PR. It is based on your IELTS scores, type of course, so far work experience and some other factors. I’m not sure about the score, but I’m sure that these are the further steps taken by a typical student, in particular of Punjab. Once the threshold score is achieved, they are ready to change their nationality.

And that’s it, all is done.

Life is settled, rich and happy.

This is the lifestyle of the youth of this area!

But hey wait!!…

One more question and situation!

If a student does not have any of the ways mentioned above, but still he wants do go abroad, then what would he do ??…..

The solution might seem kind of crappy and strange to some people but that’s what they do.

They go for the spouse visa.

Yes, why not ?!….everything is fare to go abroad…So why don’t he has a partner ?!

I will explain the spouse visa in the next blog post in detail. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

B. M.

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